Refund Policy

We take great pride in our products and aim for the highest level of customer satisfaction. If you feel like ‘it’s not working’ give us a call and let us talk with you about it.  Sometimes it just takes some time and fine tuning.  However, if you are still unsatisfied call us back. We want you happy!  Our return policy is that we accept ALL unopened bottles for refund.  If you have opened your product, and after working with us are still unhappy with it, we will refund your money for ANY IRIE PRODUCT (has an Irie label on it).  We can’t refund on non Irie products. 


We take our customer satisfaction very seriously.  All of our products are tested for quality and manufactured according to the best practices in the world.  We strive to provide the best customer support to ensure you are happy with your products.


During the checkout process, you will be given the complete terms of your purchase.  Included in those terms is your understanding and acknowledgement related to the contents and ingredients of the products you have ordered.  Your acceptance of the terms of purchase means you agree to and understand the refund policy. We are committed to complete compliance with the US FDA regulations.  These products have not been evaluated by the FDA, and we make no claims as to the benefits of any of our products.  You are able to do independent research and draw your own conclusions and opinions as to any health benefits that these products might provide.


Refunds or replacement shipments will be made under the following circumstances:




You may cancel an order at any time without penalty until the product is shipped.  Once the product has been shipped, you will be responsible for following the procedures related to Returning Unused, Sealed Products.  Any Refunds due will be processed within 5 business days from the date of the return of product to Irie Hemp Company, and it will be made to the same payment method used for the order.  If the order is cancelled before shipment, the payment will be cancelled within 1 business day.




No refunds will be issued for products which are rejected for import at Customs of any country, unless they are returned to Irie Hemp Company in sellable condition.  Ultimately the customer must take responsibility for ensuring legal compliance with the Customs enforcement agency of their country before ordering.  If a shipment is returned to Irie Hemp Company for any reason, the product cost of the shipment will be refunded, but not the shipping costs.