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Quitting cigarettes & CBD

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Though many of us know the risks or smoking cigarettes, still there are some that struggle with quitting this powerfully addictive habit.  Smokers challenged with quitting have often tried many different methods to quit and yet the nicotine prevails.


A study done at the Clinical Psychopharmacoloy Unit, University College London, London, UK, shows an exciting method for smokers to quit.  In a double blind placebo controlled study 24 smokers were given inhalers of either the placebo or CBD oil.  They were instructed to puff their inhalers when the need to smoke would arise and then track their cigarettes smoked, while the group with CBD oil inhalers reported a 40% decrease in cigarettes smoked during the study.  This study clearly suggests the use of CBD as a treatment for those wanting to quit smoking.


If you or a friend would like to try this method for quitting smoking, please click on the links below. 


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