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Can CBD Oil Get you high?

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Many people ask the question, can CBD get me high? What's the difference between THC and CBD? Let's take a look.


The difference between CBD and THC

CBD and THC are the main components in hemp. THC will get you high. CBD won’t. This means that a pure blend of CBD oil can never get you high. Most CBD oil users worry about getting high despite the obvious medical benefits of using these oils. The possibility of using CBD becoming intoxicating is something that most people worry. However, when you understand that CBD is but one of the many components of the cannabis plant you can rest easy. CBD is responsible for reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety and combating cancerous cells.


These effects are related and more research continues to provide evidence of even more benefits of the same. Unfortunately, the negative effects we hear about cannabis plant in general overshadow these merits. THC has a couple of undesirable impacts to the body. This component of cannabis causes sedation, relaxation, elation, anxiety as well as delusion and hallucinations. These symptoms are what scare most users.


Top CBD oil blends like the Irie CBD PG-Free Vape blend should be free of any THC traces. Very few people believe this. This could be the reason why most people doubt its safety hence the question, can CBD oil make you high? However, there are consideration of extraction and contamination that may be the cause of undesirable THC effects. You’ll only be convinced once you understand the CBD extraction process.

Extracting CBD Oil

CBD oil preparation starts with planting special species of the cannabis plant. These breeds have high concentrations of CBD and lower concentrations of THC. This way, you can be sure that unprocessed plant will have more CBD as opposed to the negative impacts of THC. Moreover, the CBD oil extract comes from the plant’s stem (hemp) as opposed to the leaves, seeds and flowers (marijuana).


Hemp contains very minimum levels of HTC, usually below one percent, as compared to Marijuana whose concentration of THC is between 5 to 10 percent. THC is concentrated in the buds of the cannabis plant. Breeding of Hemp on the other hand is without the buds because of the stalks height. As such, the concentration of harmful THC reduce significantly. It is easier to extract pure oil from hemp plant.


There are three possible methods that CBD oil can be extracted namely ethanol, CO2 and oil. These reliable methods help in the extraction of oil from hemp with the highest degree of purity. In most cases, there are only trace levels of THC and sometimes none at all. This is a surety for users that the Irie CBD supplements contains more benefits and no side effects.

Is it possible for CBD to get you high even without THC?

This is subject to research. The current information from discoveries is that CBD cures a number of diseases that were otherwise impossible to manage. These claims have led to increased research around the subject as medical practitioner seek to find solutions for their patients. There are numerous publications on the benefits of cannabis with emphasis being on CBD oil benefits.


Common claims are that CBD is non-psychotic and has many benefits especially related to diabetes and cancer relief. There are also claims that it is good for neurodegenerative disorders. In fact, some research shows that this oil can correct the effects of THC because of its anti-psychotic properties. Taking CBD vape oil prevents development of certain conditions such as schizophrenia.  


CBD is able to function as it does because of its different interaction with the brain receptors. There is still a significant amount of research that must be conducted to find out how CBD interacts with the brain receptors, what is clear is that it is different from the way THC interacts. For now, this is good evidence to show users that you cannot get high by consuming CBD in whatever form.


More facts about CBD

Currently, the only supporting evidence of CBD’s safety use is the fact that its effect on the brain is not similar to THC whose negative impacts are well known. As such, it is still difficult to convince users of its safety. The only hope therefore is for more research to reveal evidence. However, researchers seem to dwell on the positive effects and CBD oil benefits since this is the immediate problem. Until that point when disease that is more chronic will get a cure will the focus turn to the safety of the CBD.


The emphasis is on production of pure extracts using techniques that guarantee the same purity or even developing better methods to purify the extract. By eliminating the known unwanted components, the natural hemp plant extract benefits for people suffering from incurable diseases. 


The reporting of results that are more positive means that most people are interested in the gains of the plant with some willingly overlooking some of the unconfirmed concerns.


After all, different people have varied tolerance to medication, even those certified as safe. Sometimes the side affects you feel after taking the medication is inevitable just as to be for other drugs. As long as the benefits outweigh the negatives then it may not matter whether CBD can make you high or not. This is still debatable however. You should decide if the effects outweigh the benefits


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