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Everything you need to Know about CBD Oil

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Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the main ingredients in Cannabis Sativa. While THC is responsible for the ‘stoners high,’ CBD has no established side effects and its list of medical benefits continue to grow by the day.


The profound effects of THC have made the public and medical practitioners ignore CBD oil’s health benefits. The assumption that CBD has the same effects as THC seems logical since these two compounds come from the same plant. Recent studies on CBD extracts prove otherwise.


What is CBD oil?

CBD oil products, for instance the Irie CBD Calm Support blend, are a perfectly safe extract of the cannabis plant. CBD oil extracts don’t contain the harmful THC. This makes the oil a highly nutritious and safe dietary supplement fit for family consumption.


The difference between CBD oil and cannabis oil (high THC oil) lies in the THC presence. Cannabis oil will get you high. In addition to this, it will bring all the bhang related side effects as it contains additional impurities proven harmful to the human body.


How does CBD work?

 Even though most studies are conclusive on the CBD safe score, the jury is still out on how this compound works. CBD is a complex compound. It is not surprise that there is no full understanding of how it works. One of the main reasons why it is difficult to figure it out is that it affect different parts of our bodies at the same time.


According to a 2013 research, this aspect remains one of the main challenges in drug development of CBD. The possibility of opening up avenues for toxicity and adverse effects makes it impossible for a general acceptance despite its numerous advantages.


Despite these numerous challenges, there has been a breakthrough in the understanding of CBD. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t bind CB1 and CB2 cell receptors in your body. As such, the CBD component cannot affect cells the way THC does. This is a relief to patients on medicinal CBD since they have a scientifically proven way to avoid the psychoactive effects marijuana.


Scientifically speaking, CBD works by blocking a specific fatty acid known as enzyme FAAH. This enzyme breaks down naturally occurring cannabinoid Anandamide in the body. Anandamide regulates appetite, pleasure and reward. It might also have a partial impact on pain regulation, sleep patterns, hormonal balance and reproductive health.


CBD oil benefits


Countering the THC high

CBD counters the effects of THC. Any intoxicated person can use anti-high treatment. This explains why it is effective when dealing with behavioral conditions such as epilepsy and ADHD. You can consume it in whatever form you please, be it a piece of Vibrance CBD Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate or the CBD Pain Balm that will absorb via your skin.


Modifies how the body responds to pain

Usually, the endo-cannabinoid system is responsible for regulating your response to pain. In most cases people suffering from chronic pains have an insufficient supply of cannabinoid to control the endo-cannabinoid system. This explains why medical marijuana is so effective to such patients.


Improved circulation

 CBD oil users have improved circulation in their cerebral cortex and hippocampus. The CBD stimulates the 5-HT1a receptor in the brain. Medical practitioners find this effect useful in the treatment of mania and anxieties.


Inhibit the development of cerebral complications

 It protects the brain by preventing lipid peroxidation better than normal antioxidants including vitamin C and E. It also prevents the buildup of beta-amyloid plaque both of which are responsible and predisposing factors to neural inflammation, which causes Alzheimer and cerebral ischemia. The prevention of inflammation also reduces the risks of autoimmune diseases as well as rheumatoid arthritis.


A better substitute to caffeine

 CBD oil makes you active and awake. This is one important CBD oil benefit that nay consumer can gain from. Although the understanding behind this wakefulness and mental alertness is unknown, CBD is responsible for the mental clarity that most users of this oil feel and experience.


CBD oil medical application

 Different forms of CBD offer relief to people with varied diseases and chronic conditions. Beneficiaries include people with epileptic disorders, psychotic disorders as well as depressions and anxieties.


Depression and anxiety

 For a long time people held to the fear that consuming CBD only makes the condition worse. Experiments only made the situation worse as people who consumed marijuana become worse than before.


This is because of the THC component, and not CBD. The two work in a conflicting manner such that as THC destroys, CBD builds and restores. Patients using the oil extract register reduced anxiety levels with complete relief after some time.


Psychotic disorders

This topic has and still is the main concentration of the cannabis studies. Fortunately, recent studies is coming closer to revealing if cannabis is useful in the treatment of these disorders. A recent publication indicates that CBD has the capacity to reduce the psychotic effects of THC. Its anti-inflammatory property also aids in the treatment of psychotic challenges.


What is CBD oil’s main downsides?

With so many positive effects, it is a wonder why there is debate on the use of this extract. Fortunately, there is no restriction in the sell and purchase of extracts. Find a reliable supplier that offers pure oil products. Start by getting small amounts and only increase the amounts if you are comfortable with the effects.


Understanding the true benefits of different CBD products will ensure that you make informed purchase decisions. A good vendor will always state the CBD concentration in each serving. For instance, if your CBD dosage is 4MG a day, you should stick to a single stick of the Irie CBD Organic Coconut Sticks. Responsible consumption will always keep you safer.




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