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Founded in San Diego in 2015 by three innovative adventurers, environmentalists, health advocates and grassroot nutritional revolutionaries, Irie Hemp Company is dedicated to finding natural solutions for health and wellness. Firm believers in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, IrieCBD grew out of the passion its founders had for self-determination and the increased quality of life experienced when all our body’s systems are supported and nourished. Irie’s unique and specialized line of tinctures are the fruition of this belief, combining the ancient wisdom of herbal medicinal properties with the potent effects of pure CBD oil. 
Both in their personal journeys and from seeing the relief brought to so many across the globe, Irie’s founders believe natural hemp extracts to be the next revolution in nutritional supplementation, able to provide support for those facing epilepsy, anxiety, autism, stress, PTSD, depression, cancer, pain, diabetes as well as increased vitality for all of us. 
The company’s dedication to creating balance both for our bodies and the planet has led IrieCBD to be a leading advocate for hemp and cannabis research and policy worldwide. Irie remains committed to pushing for the safe and affordable access to these health products on a global scale. 
Social and environmental consciousness are the company’s deepest roots. All our hemp is grown to organic standards, naturally processed and sustainably sourced. Grateful recipients of this natural bounty, we also believe in giving back. Irie’s Its All Good Program donates one product to someone in need for every two products sold, and partners with health providers and medical researchers, extending the good we believe in to everyone who can benefit. 



Hemp for the Body and the Planet 

How We Make our Pure, Broad Spectrum Oils and Why It Matters

A vertically integrated, conscious company, our commitment to social and environmental responsibility guides us every step of the way.
All our non-GMO hemp is sustainably sourced, and grown pesticide free following organic and   biodynamic standards. These growing practices protect natural ecosystems and avoid contamination of  the local insect populations, topsoil, groundwater and runoff, as well as safeguarding the health of our  farmers. This assures that not only is our oil made from the most natural, uncontaminated plant matter  possible, but our hemp fields are enriching the earth, not depleting it.







Using the Whole Plant

All our extracts are made from pure, raw, whole plant hemp material. Using the whole plant in our extraction process insures you get the full benefits CBD oil can provide, a phenomenon known as the Entourage Effect. Coined by pioneer cannabinoid researcher Dr. Mechoulam, the Entourage Effect refers to the way in which the 480 compounds and 66 classified cannabinoids in the hemp plant interact, and combined provide a greater therapeutic effect than any single isolated compound could alone.



Butane and Chemical Free Extraction

IrieCBD oils are extracted using a butane free process with no additives or chemicals, reliably reproducing the natural, balanced phytochemical profile of the original hemp cultivars. Unlike many commonly available CBD oils that are extracted with the use of harsh chemicals, our oils are produced using a Supercritical CO2 extraction process with medical grade CO2. Without the use of neurotoxic solvents like butane or hexane, which can leave dangerous residues in oils, we can insure that our oils are simple, clean and safe.  



Tested by Third Party Labs

The lack of industry wide regulations can make it a daunting process for consumers to verify the quality, content and purity of many CBD products on the market. At IrieCBD, we erase this concern and provide peace of mind with certified testing of all our products by independent third party USA labs. This third party testing verifies the quality and cannabinoid content of every product we sell. Our pride in what we create is your quality guarantee. 




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