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“Giving is a natural reflection of the spirt in which we operate, the passion we hold for health and wellness, and our commitment to advancing hemp products, research and policy. A socially conscious model honors our belief in the potential of this amazing plant, and the heritage of freedom that cannabis represents.”
-IrieCBD Co-Founder Rick Potts 

IrieCBD “It's All Good” Giving Program

IrieCBD is a socially conscious company, and was founded on a belief that CBD should be available to all, not just to those who can afford it.

We are proud to be a part of the growing movement of companies with a corporate Giving Program.

We believe in the power of doing good; it’s the meaning of our name, the inspiration in our motto, and our company’s driving philosophy.

Irie’s three-pronged Giving Program is how we use YOUR purchases to put our products in the hands of those that need them most.

Spreading the love is a huge part of what Living Life Irie means to us.
We thank you for being a part of this movement- together we can make a world where IT'S ALL GOOD.



Irie’s Iconic 2:1 Giving Program

For every 2 products sold we donate 1

This is how we make sure individuals in need can access our effective CBD products.  Those currently facing a health crisis or condition known to respond to CBD nutritional support are prioritized.  Do you know someone who could benefit?

Email us at






Irie shares its products with doctors, health researchers and the medicinal community for clinical trials, pharmaceutical tests and ongoing experimental treatment programs. We partner with specific health providers to make sure the effects of CBD treatment can be continually researched, analyzed and shared with patients. 

To read about Irie CBD’s most recent partnership with women’s health expert Dr. Michelle Ross, click here. 





For some, CBD is the superfood that provides long term relief for chronic conditions. IrieCBD’s ongoing scholarship program makes sure that those under certain income limits can take CBD as needed, by providing discounted product on an ongoing basis. For more information on our scholarship program, email us at





We honor our nation’s veterans, and believe that both their physical and mental health should be a national priority. IrieCBD does it’s part in caring for those returning from service by offering all vet’s a 40% discount on our products. It’s how we serve those who have served




When you Buy our premium CBD Products, you also Give.

We are leveraging the power of plants for Good. 






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