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The Cannapedia is a non-profit Cannabis Education Foundation that believes it is important that accurate and reliable information on Cannabis and its derivatives is freely available, as it enables individuals to make informed choices about their health free from political or commercial bias.

Having a place online where research and information about cannabis (and cannabinoids) can be published, especially with respect to health conditions, is important for people to find valuable information in their research process when considering natural alternatives.

The FDA has expressly prohibited CBD companies (as nutritional supplements) from making any health claims, citing any research, publishing testimonials, etc. Many ask us for this, and although we have heard so many remarkable stories, even with permission, we simply cannot share them.

That’s why we would like to work with The Cannapedia - because they CAN share your story. If you’re interested in being interviewed by The Cannapedia and telling your experience with CBD, email us back with your story and we will connect you with The Cannapedia. This can help others in their research of CBD and help them find what they are looking for through YOUR experiences. 

For more information, visit their site at: 

Thank you for helping others discover the truth about hemp derived cannabis oils. And thank you for living your life Irie. 

- Team Irie


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