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Meet Trevor Hill

Chief Irie Officer/Founder 


What does living life Irie mean to you ?

It relaxes and soothes in a complex world. As life becomes more dynamic and fast paced, we need the calm and peace. It means creating balance in the chaos. Through health, we create balance in the craziness”.

Trevor grew up surfing the west coast beaches and roaming the magical Redwood forests of California. He draws his inspiration from the water. “That’s how I recharge and connect” he says. “It’s a Pisces thing.” 

A Marketing Executive and Sales Director from the Bay Area and busy father of six, he fell into the Hemp and CBD Industry by accident and then quickly fell in love with it. “It quickly became very personal. Once you hear the stories from people whose lives are completely changed by these products, people whose chronic pain is gone, who are doing things they haven’t been able to in years… it’s hard not to get attached. We all wish and desire to work for a business that does good.”

After founding Irie Hemp Company with Co-founders Karen Lane and Rick Potts, this desire to do good was formalized in the company’s It’s All Good program, which donates one product to someone in need for every two products sold. 

People’s stories have always been a driving force in Trevor’s life. An artist at heart, Trevor is a documentary film maker, whose films include the award winning Every Is Incredible, which garnered the Vimeo Staff Pick and one of the Top 10 Films of 2012; Anthem Film Festival, Excellence in Filmmaking Award; Cinequest, Best Documentary Short; Logan Film Festival, Best Documentary Short, among others.  

Now he is passionate about the stories of health and wellness that IrieCBD is making possible.  

Trevor’s Favorite Product? 

“The Calm Blend. It’s led me on my own healing journey. I had chronic anxiety for forty years. To all of the sudden not have to deal with that anymore by taking a daily supplement that doesn’t get me high- that was personally transformative, and the connection I felt with customers from that experience has been incredibly impactful.”  



Meet Karen Lane

Chief Irie Fulfillment Officer/ Founder 


What does Living Life Irie mean to you? 

“To me, Irie is the essence of resilience. We often expend more energy than we have, but within every moment, or at least every day, there’s a coming back to revitalize. Coming back to yourself, reconnecting. This is a very tangible thing- it’s not some airy-fairy concept.”

Karen has always been a leader. By 28 years old she had her masters in Nursing Systems Administration, was the Executive Director of a large hospital branch and already moving towards new and uncharted territory. Longtime health professional and advocate, she founded a nationwide network of at home nurses offering over the phone health assistance, lowering healthcare costs and providing medical support to people across the country. 

Endowed with an adventurous heart, Karen has bounced from Berlin to Sau Paulo, France, Australia, and ran a consulting firm in London. She’s a published author and successful entrepreneur. After meeting IrieCBD co-founders Trevor and Rick, Karen dived into the world of hemp and CBD and found her new health calling. “I’ve always been a nurturer, a matriarch, and I was dedicated to sharing the power of this natural remedy.” For Karen, founding IrieCBD was about creating something truly positive. “You can’t just give yourself over to something that thinks it’s better than you. You have to find your own simple goodness”.

Karen finds her Irie in nature, on long hikes, pages deep in a good book or on the yoga mat. 

Karen’s favorite product? “Definitely the Stress Support Blend. From the minute I tried it I knew it was mine. You can taste the power and complexity of the herbs.” 



Meet Rick Potts

Irie Co-Founder, Product Developer and Nutrition and Herb Guru


What does Living Life Irie mean to you?

“To me, Living Life Irie means remembering what is important in this precious short life. Maximizing my relationships-both with others and with myself. It means finding a balance between going out and going in- supporting my own healing and balance as well as others.” 

From his southern beginnings in Houston, Texas to his bustling Chiropractic practice and eventual landing place at IrieCBD HQ in San Diego, Rick has always been focused on creating paths to health. Before joining forces with the other Irie Co-Founders, Rick had already been in the healthcare field for 25 years, primarily as a Doctor of Chiropractic and Nutritional Therapist. His in depth knowledge of nutrition, supplements and herbs would become the driving force behind the creation of Irie’s unique blend of tinctures. 

For Rick, the discovery of the power of CBD was a bit of a mind blowing journey. “I had been in the healthcare field for decades. I thought I knew what was out there; what was generally possible for healing from certain conditions, especially neurological conditions. And then CBD came along and just blew it out of the water. It was actually a bit disturbing to be honest. I didn’t know what I was seeing.” 

After his early experiences giving CBD treatments to clients, Rick became intricately involved with the industry. He carries some of these early stories with him as ongoing inspiration and motivation. The Doctor who called him every single week after his severely autistic daughter began taking CBD at 33, and started talking and walking for the first time in 29 years. The son who’s father suffered a rock climbing accident and due to multiple spine injuries had been sleeping twenty hours a day ever since- and who was able to garden and cook and adventure with his son when supported by CBD.  Hearing these stories on a daily basis, Rick was astounded. “I’d pinch myself, and think ‘You are selling this product to them- not the other way around’ they have no reason to lie to you!”. “It was literally just like a “what the hell is going on” kind of feeling.”

Then, Rick met with a team of psychiatrists that had been studying cannabinoids for years, and discovered exactly what was going on. After learning about the Endocannabinoid System, and becoming highly educated on the biochemical pathways that led to the health benefits cannabinoids provide, his appreciation for this plant based remedy skyrocketed. 

Collaborating with Karen and Trevor, IrieCBD became the vehicle for sharing this new appreciation with the world. “I believe getting cannabinoids back into the food chain is one of the most important things we could do. I feel a deep honor and responsibility knowing what I know now about the truth about hemp. I feel honored to be its steward and a responsibility to do everything I can to spread the power of it.”

When Rick needs to reconnect with his Irie, he goes hiking, outdoors, or camping with his sons. That, and he tries to find what he considers “the peace that is always present.” That’s his secret way of going about it. 

Rick’s favorite product? “Stress Support. I love the science of adaptagenics – the things that help our body adapt to stress without having a stress response.”



Meet Alyssa Buckley

Irie Sales Support Extraordinaire  


What does living life Irie Mean to You?

“Living Life Irie means doing and living everything with the best intent possible.” 

Alyssa is a San Diego girl who is passionate about natural health and natural beauty. She is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician, and has worked in the natural health industry for years. Her understanding of the value of gentle, effective remedies drew her to the Irie mission, where she helps head up Irie HQ and Sales. 

Hailing from a big Greek/American Indian family, Alyssa nurtures her soul by spending time with her niece. When she needs to replenish her store of Irie vibes, family time is her go to, followed closely by savoring the beauty of the ocean with warm sand under her feet, appreciating good tattoos and of course, some sweet tea. 

Alyssa’s favorite Irie Product?  “The Calm Tincture. I’ve dealt with stomach issues and anxiety for some time, and the lavender alongside the peppermint with the amazing CBD has worked wonders.”  



Meet Andy Kim 

Irie Sales and Lead Partnership Builder


What does Living Life Irie mean to you?

“It means doing the right thing. It means making sure we are all, all of us, truly taken care of.” 

Andy hails from Portland, Oregon and now lives in Scio, Oregon alongside Irie’s own organic hemp fields.  He is a go getter, and a long time start up and entrepreneurship expert. His passion for creating new business models that have the power to do good in the world was stoked after his work with Portland State University’s Social Innovation Incubator. He then took that passion on the road and spent over five years in the hemp industry, helping create workable business models in the hempcrete and hemp building material business landscape.  Andy’s connection with both social innovation and experience in the quickly exploding world of hemp and cannabis products led him straight to Irie CBD’s door. His sales savvy is quickly spreading the word about Irie’s products across the country. For Andy, healthy, happy businesses are based on strategic partnerships. He is a networker and has been busy building the Irie web of health and zen as it fans out from state to state.  A longtime believer in the miracle of the hemp crop, being able to see the whole life cycle of Irie products, especially their start as hemp seeds in healthy Oregon soil, keeps him in love with the work.

Andy’s inner Irie comes from hiking, surfing, camping, and generally hitting the beaches.  He frequently employs some of the Pain Balm after his outdoor adventures. 

Andy’s Favorite Irie Product?

“I love the Honeysticks. I put them in my morning tea. It is just a great morning ritual,  and delicious way to get more CBD in my system.” 




Meet Destiny McColley

Irie Customer Care and Direct Emotional Support Line  


What does living life Irie mean to you?

For many years, Irie was just a name - literally. Today Irie holds an entire new meaning, a very special meaning in my daily life. To me, Irie is waking up to my son's sweet voice and my husbands morning breath. The whisper in the winds and the earth beneath my feet. To me, Irie is not being a dick! Living life Irie is not just a mantra but a way of life. 

Growing up down an old dirt road in Boulevard, CA, Destiny has had many self- employed and self-created professional ventures, including being a certified esthetician and stay at home Mom. Her various skills have been mirrored by changing geographic locations as she has called many different states home, finally landing for good in Arizona. 

Destiny considers herself insanely blessed by the people she gets to share her life with, namely her AMAZING husband and beautiful son. 

A self-proclaimed work in progress, when things get overwhelming Destiny finds simple peace in, believe it or not, cleaning! She also reclaims her Irie by scheduling quality outdoor time with her family and diving deep into self healing. 

Destiny’s Favorite Product?

 “I am in LOVE with our entire line, but what I use most is Pain Balm and Irie Glo Eruption Prone Serum. 

Pain Balm has brought me relief in many ways, but I use it most during the 7 days a month mother nature decides to wage a WAR in my uterus. I don't find myself taking nearly as much Ibuprofen as I used to and that makes me, my belly and liver happy! 

All of my life I have struggled with Acne, and not just break outs. Terrible grade V cystic acne. Since before starting Irie Glo, I was on the highest % Tretinoin cream available and though it did clear my skin and hyperpigmintation, the side effects are nasty. I have been using Irie Glo for 2 months, without the use Tretinoin, and have not had one cystic break out since!! For the first time in my life without the use of harmful drugs! I can't believe it, I was VERY skeptical but it works! It just does!”



Meet Allie Woodson

Outreach Coordinator and Irie Public Relations Queen


What Does Living Life Irie Mean to You? 
“For me, living Life Irie means companionship. It is the feeling of connecting with another living being, and connecting with nature, the mountains, something that changes your perspective.”
A native Oregonian, Allie takes full advantage of everything the beautiful state has to offer. Her degree in Marketing from Oregon State and passion for communicating and connecting makes her a natural in the role of Irie’s Outreach Coordinator.
“ I just want to help get the word out about what we do…and I love that I get to do that. I could talk about our company and products all day. For me, being able to start to erase the cultural stigma around cannabis and CBD as health products is amazing. People just don’t know. I like breaking that boundary down.”   
Allie’s a busy bee, and likes her day full of new ideas and different projects. When she’s not spreading the word about the amazing wellness benefits of CBD at an event or managing communications, she’s snowboarding, hiking, camping or scuba diving (depending on the season).  When life gets to be too much, Allie finds her Irie calm by getting outside with her dog, Blue. Her peace is being on top of a mountain, and realizing that all human problems are small and insignificant in the vastness of nature. 
Allie’s favorite product? “The pain balm. I’m a traveler and an adventurer, and I like trying new things… and that gets me into trouble sometimes… so the pain balm helps me out.  Also- the lip balms! I go through so many lip balms it’s not even funny.” 

Meet Nicholette Codding

Irie Designer and Brand Manager in Chief 


What does Living Life Irie Mean to You?

“To me, Living Life Irie means Letting Go of the past and the future. Focusing on the present moment and all of its gifts.” 

Nicholette’s design skills and creative eye began in her early days in Reno Nevada. A skilled photographer and artist- she started her own photography business, and when it was time for bigger and better things she left the desert for the Pacific Northwest greenery. In Portland, she dived into gardening and sustainability, a journey that eventually led her to building her own tiny house and growing 70% of her food intake organically. Diving into the dirt again, she says, is what fuels her. “It is so intuitive, the way it feels to grow things, all that knowledge in our hands. I don’t believe we are that removed from this natural process.” 

Her passion for natural living and organic products led her to IrieCBD, where her photography and graphic design skills made her Irie’s artistic Designer in Chief. 

Nicholette’s Favorite Product? “The pet blend, for my 13 year old basset hound Bailey Roo.  Since starting the Pet Blend, she can follow me up the stairs again. Without it, my little shadow would just bark at the bottom of the stairs for me. The last three months have been full of so many adventures for us now that her hips and pain level are so much better.”

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