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Vendor: Irie CBD

Powerful Support. Deep Rejuvenation. Straight from the Plant to You.

IrieCBD’s RSO Oil Syringe is a unique, pure, and potent raw CBD oil for oral consumption. Each 1 Gram syringe contains 100mg of CBD. This highly concentrated dose delivers the strongest possible support for the body’s Endocannabinoid System. The full spectrum panel of cannabinoids, phytonutrients, resin and wax allow for the most complete supportive effects of this all natural, powerfully concentrated oil. With all terpenes, flavonoids, live hemp enzymes, essential oils and omega fatty acids intact, each syringe dose provides a robust and effective cellular support treatment.

Sustainably Grown 

Naturally and sustainably grown at our European partner farms, no herbicides or pesticides are used in any stage of the growth or processing of our raw plant matter. Supported with organic fertilizer and holistic and biodynamic growing practices, we choose only the healthiest buds for our high quality extracts. Flowers, leaves and stalks are sorted and separated manually and hung to slow dry and cure. Harvesting is done mostly by hand and according to optimal moon cycles to ensure harmony with nature.


Organic and natural, CO2 extracted whole plant industrial hemp extract from flower and leaves.


Green color, paste.

Taste & Smell

Spicy, pepper. 


Take 1/10 gram to a full gram daily. Let the extract rest under the tongue before swallowing. Begin with a smaller amount, and slowly increase your dosage if you have not consumed cannabinoids before.

Cannabinoid Profile

Our oil contains partially decarboxylated hemp extract containing CBD 5.5%, CBDA 4.6%, CBN 0.065%, and THC <0.3%. Test results are obtained by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). All our extracts have COAs from reputable third party laboratories; besides cannabinoid profiles, we check pesticides, residual solvents and heavy metals.

Storage & Handling

Keep cool (room temperature <25°C/ 77°F), protected from light, excessive heat and moisture. Refrigeration recommended for optimal preservation.

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