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Irie Glo Organic CBD Cellular Repair Serum - Sensitive Skin Care Treatment formula

Vendor: Irie CBD

We invite you to become an expression of your inner radiance and a reflection of your face’s cellular potential. Experience a facial renaissance as the plant intelligence of this organic CBD serum synergizes with your own skin’s healing matrix. With CBD Cellular Repair Serum an inner glow blooms from within!


In this serum the organic protein-rich CBD oil combines with the precious oils of pomegranate to stimulate the keratin cycle to repair, regenerate and protect skin; evening primrose oil to reduce inflammation and sensitivity; and Vitamin E oil, long known for its healing and restorative properties. Joining in this alchemy are the essential oils of neroli to sooth and heal broken capillaries and regenerate surface skin cells; rose otto to bring more moisture and protection to the surface cells; helichrysum to decrease inflammation and sensitivity; blue tansy for its anti-inflammatory effect and its ability to calm eczema flare-ups and dermatitis; and rosewood essential oil with its soothing quality and ability to reduce scarring. This versatile treatment serum can be used on a variety of skin issues and is gentle enough for regular applications.


Directions:  Apply 3-5 drops on fingertips and apply gently with more of a patting than rubbing motion


We invite you to repeat the following as you desire:


My face is Radiant and Clear

My face is Calm and Protected

My face Shines in Balance and Harmony

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